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Customer Background

A leading online gaming and digital entertainment company that provides an established platform and expansive network for game developers in overseas expansion of online game services in Southeast Asia’s countries – the world’s fastest-growing regional games market. Asiasoft provide an unparalleled experience for PC online and mobile gaming players.


The mobile game service requires quick rollout and flexible capacity expansion. The traditional on-premise cannot meet this requirement. Customers have high-performance requirements on the CDN and want to reduce costs.


    • Superb performance of infrastructure
    • Local data center in Thailand with fast response
    • Leveraging high-performance IaaS and CDN services from HUAWEI CLOUD
    • HUAWEI CLOUD offer reasonable prices


    • Provides Southeast Asia-oriented CDN services
    • Provides multi-account management 
    • Works with OBS to flexibly upload and download content
    • Provides basic Infra resources and high infrastructure performance to help customers reduce costs


    • The efficiency is improved by 50%
    • The rollout speed is improved by 50% 
    • The cost is reduced by 30%