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Huawei Cloud: A Better Cloud for Digital Perú

Dec 05, 2023 GMT+08:00

[Lima, Peru, December 4, 2023] Huawei Cloud Summit Peru was held today in Lima, focusing on Peru's digital economy. This summit convened local government representatives, experts, scholars, customers, and partners, where they joined Huawei Cloud to delve into technological innovations and industry practices that drive the digital transformation for local enterprises.

In his opening speech, Liu Jiaxin, CEO of Huawei Peru, emphasized the company's deep engagement with Peru for the past 23 years and its "In Peru, For Peru" commitment. Huawei Cloud has proudly served over 400 customers and enterprises, positioning itself as the fastest-growing cloud vendor in Peru.

Liu Jiaxin, CEO of Huawei Peru

The event featured a keynote speech by William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, who highlighted Huawei Cloud's vision of building a "cloud foundation" and an "enabler" for the intelligent world, leveraging continuous innovation, robust local support, and a flourishing local ecosystem to provide Peru with an enhanced cloud experience.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing


Better Technologies

Technological innovation has long been the focus of Huawei Cloud. As of now, Huawei Cloud has launched over 240 cloud services and 100,000 APIs. Huawei Cloud has been named in the Leaders quadrant in 10 product and solution dimensions, and ranked No. 1 in 20 market segments. At this summit, Huawei Cloud showcased its latest achievements in cloud native, AI, data governance, and Huawei Cloud Stack.

As the only founding member of CNCF from Asia, Huawei Cloud continuously delivers cutting-edge cloud native services along with comprehensive products and solutions from Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, to Expertise as a Service.

Huawei Cloud released Pangu Models 3.0 this year. Sticking to its "AI for Industries" strategy, Huawei Cloud tailors its Pangu models for a wide range of industries, such as finance, manufacturing, mining, meteorology, and railway, empowering everyone from every industry with an intelligent assistant. In meteorology, the Pangu weather model is the first AI model to have surpassed state-of-the-art numerical weather prediction (NWP) methods. The prediction speed is also several orders of magnitude faster. In the past, predicting the trajectory of a typhoon for the next 10 days took 5 hours. Now, the Pangu weather model can do that in 10 just seconds. The Pangu weather model has been adopted by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), China Meteorological Administration, and Hong Kong Observatory.

Huawei Cloud builds DataArts, a data governance pipeline to convert mass and complex disordered data into high-quality data for data-driven decision-making.

Huawei Cloud Stack is continuously synchronized with the Huawei public cloud so that the latest cloud services and bleeding-edge technologies can be quickly made available to support on-premises deployment. Leveraging the AI and big data capabilities of Huawei Cloud Stack, a global top 10 port built a world-leading intelligent unmanned port. This achievement has reduced the average time in port by 7% and increased annual revenue by tens of millions of Chinese yuan.


Better Practices

Huawei Cloud has amassed extensive expertise in industry digital transformation both in and outside China, and is now extending this expertise to government, carrier, and education customers in Peru. Li Ziyu, President of Huawei Cloud Peru, shared insights on how to assist customers in expanding businesses through ongoing innovation on the cloud. He introduced six industry-specific solutions, namely online education, smart finance, digital government, carrier, smart electricity, and smart mining, which aim to expedite the digital transformation journey of Peruvian enterprises.

Li Ziyu, President of Huawei Cloud Peru

Huawei Cloud has experienced remarkable growth in Peru, with a 150% year-on-year increase in their customer base and a 130% increase in their partner base by the end of 2023, solidifying its position as the fastest-growing cloud provider in the country.

In the education sector, Huawei Cloud has applied digital technologies such as AI, big data, and cyber security to help César Vallejo University, Peru's largest university, deploy their learning management system (LMS). This implementation has doubled the access concurrency of online teaching and reduced LMS operational expenses by 25%, significantly enhancing education quality for 180,000 students.

In the financial sector, AFP Integra, a subsidiary of Peruvian financial services multinational SURA, leveraged Huawei Cloud's Cloud Container Engine (CCE) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to address user experience issues caused by high latency during peak hours. This implementation led to a significant reduction in application response time, bringing it down to less than 40 milliseconds and improving the overall user experience.


Better Services

Huawei Cloud is committed to cultivating an open global ecosystem that fosters the shared success of developers and partners. This ecosystem currently encompasses 5 million developers and over 10,000 offerings in KooGallery, Huawei Cloud's marketplace.

To ensure seamless experiences for Peruvian customers, Huawei Cloud offers local settlement, round-the-clock technical support, and a three-tiered excellence service model comprising online support (L1), onsite SRE support (L2), and R&D expert support (L3). The local operational excellence and customer success teams collaborate closely with customers to design, plan, and execute their cloud migration strategies to minimize downtime during migration. Furthermore, they provide guidance on optimizing cloud usage and management to maximize the value derived from the cloud.

The event also featured the announcement of AI campus for the University of San Martin de Porres, the ceremony between Huawei Cloud and Peruvian head media La República, and the release of a joint program for building digital Peru.

In keeping with its commitment to fostering shared success, Huawei Cloud will continue to increase local investment, inject cloud excellence, and nurture the local ecosystem in Peru. With its innovative technologies, industry expertise, and customer-centric services, Huawei Cloud aims to empower Peruvian customers better go, use, and manage the cloud.