CyberQuote is an ISO 27001 certified company specializing in financial training and information technology solutions such as securities trading & processing systems, starting with South East Asia’s first Internet Financial Trading Platform. CyberQuote has 25 years’ experience serving the investing public and the financial services industry with their systems, solutions, and services, including trading applications and back office systems for stock brokers; cyber hygiene services such as vulnerability assessments and penetration tests; and a learning management platform. Besides, CyberQuote is also providing investment and technology courses for financial services professionals and the investing public, with many of the courses accredited by Singapore’s Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF). With proven reputation for service excellence, Cyber Quote endeavors to build long term relationships with our customers and business partners.


  • Reliability

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides insightful consultation services, and is prompt in delivering swift technical support for clients throughout the process of server migration to cloud.

  • Security

    The HUAWEI CLOUD platform attained multiple ISO certifications in Information Security Management System (ISMS) which encompasses the highest level (level 3) of certification achieved from MTCS.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    HUAWEI CLOUD is equipped with a variety of customizable cloud service options for clients, including a pay-per-use subscription plan, making it affordable and practical.

  • Ease of Use

    HUAWEI CLOUD services can be easily provisioned and accessed, and managed in a unified manner.

HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions + Digital Finance


CyberQuote hosts their clients’ applications on a mixture of on-premise data centers and third-party cloud. Hosting on-premise incurs high maintenance overhead and cannot be scaled on demand. Services on the cloud are scalable but require a minimal fee. Therefore, CyberQuote looks to HUAWEI CLOUD for a comprehensive suite of cloud services, coupled with better technical and commercial support from the local HUAWEI CLOUD office.

Customer Benefits

CyberQuote is teaming up with HUAWEI CLOUD to help transform businesses in the Financial Sector by providing a reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud service. Through offering personalized consultation and in-depth technical support for on-premise server migration to cloud, we are undeniably, a combination you can trust. CyberQuote is able to migrate their SaaS Learning Management System, CQ Form Builder and other data applications to the HUAWEI CLOUD platform and have benefited from it. With CyberQuote’s completely web-based and mobile responsive Cloud-Hosting Learning Management system, users are able to centralize their training content, resources, personal development plans, assessment and human resource progress outcomes in a digital space.