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Cloud Connect Service Statement

Cloud Connect Service Statement

This Service Statement (hereinafter referred to as "this Statement" or "this Agreement") describes your rights, obligations, and responsibilities when using Huawei Cloud services. Please read and understand the terms carefully, especially the terms that have a significant impact on your rights and interests, such as exemption from liability and limitation of liability. Such terms are in bold in this Statement.

You understand and agree that by using any service in this Agreement, you are deemed to have read and agree to the dedicated terms for the service you use. This Agreement will become legally binding. If you do not agree to any part of the terms of this Agreement, you shall stop using related services.


1. Cloud Connect Service Terms

1.1 Content

Cloud Connect is provided by Huawei Cloud (hereinafter referred to as "we"). You can access and use Cloud Connect on the Huawei Cloud official website.

a. Cloud Connect enables cross-region VPC communications and can work with other cloud services to allow on-premises data centers to access multiple VPCs. The service system is unaware of the service content transmitted by end users.

b. Cloud Connect can be accessed from the Huawei Cloud official website and managed from the management console.

c. We make no representation or warranty of any kind in respect of the third-party service, content and platform, and shall have no liability for any loss, damage, expense or cost of any nature or kind that may be caused to you.

Cross-border network communications of Cloud Connect are provided by Shenzhen Branch of China United Network Communications Limited (hereinafter referred to as "China Unicom Shenzhen Branch"). The bandwidth, price, and specifications are subject to your order generated on the Huawei Cloud official website.

1.2 Collection and Processing of Your Personal Data

You understand and agree that to provide cross-region network communications, we will obtain and transmit your credentials and account ID from the Chinese mainland to the country or region where the network instances you want to connect to are running for identity verification and authentication.

If you do not provide your credentials and account ID or do not agree to the collection and use of such information, we will not be able to provide services for you. We will take security measures to protect your information, including but not limited to storing the information in Huawei Cloud databases and providing encrypted access, as well as deleting the information in a timely manner after you unsubscribe from Cloud Connect. Huawei Cloud will protect your information in accordance with Huawei Cloud privacy protection policies. (For more information, see the Privacy Statement).

1.3 Use Restrictions

When you use Cloud Connect for cross-border communications, you need to apply for a cross-border permit from China Unicom Shenzhen Branch and comply with the requirements in the following documents:

a. Cloud Connect Cross-Border Leased Line Service Agreement

b. Letter of Commitment on Information Security

1.4 Disclaimer

You understand and agree that the information you provide is authentic and valid. If the cross-border permit fails to be approved due to incorrect information being provided or if the information does not meet the requirements of China Unicom Shenzhen Branch, you shall bear responsibility for any possible legal consequences.

You understand and agree that your use of Cloud Connect must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We only provide standard services upon your request and are not responsible for the legal compliance of their use.

If you use Cloud Connect for illegal purposes, you shall bear all the consequences. China Unicom Shenzhen Branch has the right to take measures, including but not limited to stopping providing cross-border circuits, terminating the contract, and seeking compensation for any losses caused thereby.


Last updated on May 30, 2023