Legal Clauses

SSL Certificate Manager Disclaimer

SSL Certificate Manager Disclaimer

You understand and agree that the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate you obtain from SSL Certificate Manager (SCM) is provided by a third-party Certificate Authority (CA) entrusted by HUAWEI CLOUD.By using the SCM service, you confirm that you have read the disclaimer and understand as well as agree with it fully and you authorize HUAWEI CLOUD to entrust a third-party CA to provide SSL certificates.

1. You guarantee that you have provided real, accurate, valid information when configuring and submitting your service ticket or order. You shall be responsible for any service unavailability, legal consequences, and loss of HUAWEI CLOUD caused by your provision of unqualified information.

2. For any loss caused by reasons that are not related to HUAWEI CLOUD, including but not limited to your improper configurations, certificate defects, and certificate cracking, HUAWEI CLOUD shall not be held responsible. However, HUAWEI CLOUD will cooperate with you to resolve the issue with the certificate provider or CA.

3. HUAWEI CLOUD reserves the right to interpret this disclaimer and update it whenever necessary. The updated disclaimer will be published on the official HUAWEI CLOUD website and shall take effect immediately upon publishing.

Last Updated: May 25, 2022