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Customer Background

UCARS, one of the fastest-growing online car marketplaces in Singapore today, began with a vision to make buying a car easier. UCARS was founded in 2019 by a consortium of renowned car dealers and car-related service providers who came together with the common goal of creating innovative ways for dealers to better connect with consumers. Partially in response to the recent forced closure of many showrooms across Singapore, UCARS developed an online car marketplace where dealers and consumers alike can enjoy a seamless end-to-end experience when buying and selling new or used cars.


  • UCARS has a portal and a mobile app. The volume of customer visits varies widely. Resources need to be scaled out on demand and scaled in when pressure on the system returns to normal.
  • The system needs to provide 24/7 customer service. When a production site goes down for any reason, another site needs to be ready to take over instantly.
  • Web applications are constantly vulnerable to potential online attacks, so web application firewalls need to be regularly updated to keep up with the latest developments in Internet security.
  • UCARS is growing rapidly, so they need to accelerate application rollout. UCARS is determined to provide more and more value-added capabilities to make car dealing work better for salespeople and customers alike. 


Data kept locally in Singapore

  • With 4 AZs in Singapore, HUAWEI CLOUD can
    provide scalable, reliable services to the region and guarantee that all of the
    customer data is kept locally in Singapore.

A wide range of cutting-edge cloud services     

  • In addition to IaaS services, like ECS, CCE, VPC, EVS, AS, and ELB, HUAWEI CLOUD can also provide PaaS services, like RDS, DCS, DMS, DDS, SIS, and DIS; and there is even SaaS, thanks to various industrial solutions and cooperation with partners.

Professional online and offline support

  • HUAWEI CLOUD can offer customers with both online and offline support. Issues arising during everyday development, or in the course of regular O&M can be resolved by submitting a service ticket through the HUAWEI CLOUD portal. There is a rigid SLA requirement for the HUAWEI CLOUD SRE team. Onsite support can also be provided to offer comprehensive consulting and solution design.


  1. HUAWEI CLOUD provides a combination of AS, ELB, WAF, RDS, ECS, CCE, CCI, AOM, and APM services and helps UCARS develop and deploy applications faster, and govern and monitor their applications more efficiently.
  2. UCARS's image search capabilities and fast matching process have greatly increased opportunities for both customers and dealers. ModelArts, together with ImageSearch, both help meet UCARS requirements, and there are also advanced PaaS services.

Solution Diagram is as below:



  • Application rollout that previously took a week can now be completed in 1 day.
  • TCO is down by 30%.
  • Intuitive application monitoring makes O&M more efficient.