In Pirate Kings, you will enter a world inhabited solely by pirates, each of whom has the ultimate objective of owning and developing his or her own set of islands, complete with ships and all of the flashy necessities, amassing riches, and being crowned the one and only Cash King.

This world will be yours to explore as you play Pirate Kings. With the gold that you win from each spin of the wheel, you will be able to make purchases that will enhance your island.

When you have completely developed one of your islands, you will be given access to another one that you can build. Be wary, however, since the more gold you acquire, the more attention you will attract from the dangerous people and things that inhabit the world around you. Keeping a large amount of gold on your island and then abandoning it for an extended period of time could entice other pirates to pillage it if the treasure is not protected. Take your vengeance on the pirates who had the audacity to point their cannons at your island, and give them a taste of their own medicine in return. You don’t need to feel guilty or remorseful about what happened because it’s every pirate for himself.

There is a tutorial that is extremely simple to understand and can be mastered in a short amount of time. This tutorial will guide you through the fundamentals of the game’s mechanics and give you the opportunity to practice the activities that you will spend the most time doing as you progress through the game. The game will let you know that the tutorial is over and that you are free to explore the game world on your own when it provides you with fifty free turns on the wheel to get your pirate career off to a good start.

You will definitely get the hang of things within just a few minutes of playing because the activities you will be involved in basically revolve around obtaining gold, upgrading your island, attacking other islands, and stealing from other pirates. This will allow you to get the hang of things very quickly. There is an element of chance involved in both spinning the lucky wheel and becoming a target of attacks; however, there are some fundamental methods that you may put into play to improve your chances. Our Pirate King beginner’s guide can help you develop stronger safeguards and methods to conquer the realm of pirates, which is helpful if you wish to become a victim less frequently and plunder more frequently.

1. Make Hasty Investments In Island Improvements

When you first begin your quest to become the wealthiest pirate, you will have no trouble accumulating enough cash to pay for enhancements to your island. This is especially true in the early stages of your adventure. It is important to bear in mind that there is very little purpose in keeping all of those gold coins unused; therefore, it is advisable to spend as many of them as you can on unlocking each island upgrade and moving on to the next island. There are no secret strategies that can be used when spinning the wheel of fortune; however, if you play properly, you can be sure that after the first 50 spins you make, you will earn some shields that can protect you from prospective assailants.

Keeping this tactic in mind, one thing you need to pay close attention to is the ratio of the entire amount of money you already possess or can get to the sum total worth of the purchases you can make to reduce the amount of gold you have in your possession to the smallest possible amount. In an ideal world, you would start by buying the cheapest items, with the idea that you might be able to level up more features in a shorter amount of time. However, in this game, you would be better off performing some complex calculations to ensure that the sum of gold you end up with after making purchases is exactly the same as the amount you can afford to lose.

2. Strategize Your Spins

If you fill up your storage and don’t make room for more spins, you won’t be able to earn any more of them. The maximum amount of spins that may be stored is officially 50. In a normal situation, you would want to earn as much gold as possible before even seeing what resources are still available on your island for upgrading, and you would want to make sure that all of your chances have been used up before you log out of the game. Because there is a low probability that you will get further spins after you have reached the restriction of 50 times, it is in your best interest to reduce it to at least 45 at all times. This will allow you to begin earning 5 additional spins every hour or so.

On the other hand, it’s possible that attempting to empty out your attempts isn’t always the greatest course of action to do. If you have already earned three shields to protect your island from attackers, earning an additional one would be a waste unless you have Mateys you can send it to. However, getting more gold than what you can spend on island upgrades will just open the door for other players to steal those gold coins from you. This is especially true if you have already earned three shields to protect your island from attackers.

Therefore, for the greatest outcomes, you should make sure that you spin enough with a goal or choices of potential upgrades in mind that you can target and purchase that upgrade immediately once your spins have earned you enough gold coins to do so once you have earned enough gold coins. Because each time you spin the fortunate wheel, there is an element of chance involved, you will need to do some estimation work in order to determine how many times you will need to spin the wheel before you will be able to purchase the upgrade you have in mind.

So, for instance, if you still have about 10 spins left and the cheapest upgrade available costs over one million gold coins and you don’t even have a hundred thousand, you might as well save those spins for later unless you don’t have shield and would be betting on the probability of getting one or a couple of them. In that case, you might as well use those spins to upgrade your current weapon.

3. Upgrade an existing island to its maximum potential in order to unlock a new one

You should know that once you have fully upgraded and transferred to the next island, you can begin earning from each of those islands if you are wondering why you would want to move on to the next island. If you are wondering why you would want to move on to the next island, then you should know this. When you finally do manage to get past the first one, the upgrade fees for the ones that follow will be far greater than they were before. This could take some time. You should take pride in each achievement and be aware that there are presently 82 islands available in Pirate Kings because it will take you a great deal more time in the future to unlock additional islands.

You can navigate to any of your islands using the various quick link options by clicking on the options button, which is located in the upper left corner of your screen. Be sure to examine any islands that you have already completely improved, as you may be able to recruit more pirate crews for those islands in order to enhance the amount of daily loot you may obtain from them.

However, from a strategic point of view, you may want to always prioritize attempting to acquire enhancements on your current island. If you have any extra gold coins that you do not want to risk being stolen, you can spend them in additional crews for the islands that came before them instead.

4. When you attack, you have the ability to select your targets.

Every time you spin the lucky wheel and it lands on an attack, you will be sent to a different island where you will have a selection of different enemies to assault. For one, it won’t make any difference if the player’s island is shielded or not, and you will get 100,000 gold coins; but, if your salvo is successful, you will earn 300,000 coins instead. You would believe that you should just leave everything up to chance at first, but there are situations in which you actually have the option to attack a person who has already attacked you or even one of your Mateys. In these cases, you have the ability to choose who you want to fight.

You might want to think about whether or not some of the buildings on the island you’re aiming for are smoking at this point. If it does, then there is a good possibility that it is not using any shields, and attacking any structure will win you a reward of 300,000 without any deductions. If the target island is in perfect condition, then this is your cue to check on the revenge button and look at the other options you have to launch an attack against.

If the target island is in pristine condition, then this is your cue to check on the revenge button. If the player who attacked you previously has a much higher level, however, this does not always mean that they will always have shields. Additionally, it is important to note that even if you manage to earn three shields, they can all disappear in just a few hours, so you should never let higher level players intimidate you with the number of stars attached to their name.

5. When Attempting a Theft, Pay Attention to the Particulars

Attacks and steals are actually two of the best choices that you can land on when spinning the lucky wheel, with steals being the better choice because you have a greater chance of earning a reward that is significantly higher than the maximum of 300,000 gold coins that can be earned from a successful attack. The current Cash King is the player who has the most gold coins that have been kept or are unused and are just laying around on their island waiting to be stolen from them.

Steals include this individual. You will have three options to choose from, and your task will be to identify which of the three islands is now held by the Cash King. Even though you have a 33 percent probability of getting it right on the first try, there is no reason for you to feel guilty if you get it wrong. Instead, before you cast out your decision, take some notes on the specifics of each island, paying special attention to the one that, once the names are revealed, will be associated with the Cash King.

It is quite conceivable for you to try and estimate the Cash King’s island from among three random selections once more. You still have a possibility of landing a steal on your subsequent spins, and it is also extremely likely for you to do so. This time around, though, if you already know what the appearance of his or her island is, then it’s almost like hitting the jackpot.

6. To earn additional rewards, watch commercials and look over offers.

Some free-to-play mobile games are a lot less intrusive than others and give you complete freedom over when and if you would like to watch some video advertisements, of course in exchange for some rewards. While many free-to-play mobile games do contain video advertisements that pop up as you play, others do not. If you look in the bottom left corner of your screen, you might find some icons that look like treasure chests.

This indicates that you can win some gold coins and other goodies by watching some 15- to 25-second video advertisements. Because this doesn’t come with an unlimited supply and might only show up three times a day at most, you might want to pause the activity for a while and let some advertisements play so that you can earn more money in the process.

If you want to advance even further and more quickly, you could use Pirate King’s Reward System, which provides incredibly enticing rewards for reaching certain milestones on particular listed apps. You can view a list of offers that you can take to earn up to hundreds of spin attempts by clicking the menu button in the top left corner of the screen and then hitting the joypad and retry refill bottle symbol in the bottom left corner.

This will bring up a list of offers that you can take. It’s true that some of them are time-consuming, but the benefits they give are likely to take much longer to obtain in-game. Consequently, whether or not you choose to take advantage of some of those offers depends on how committed you are to advancing more quickly in Pirate Kings.

7. Investigate and make an effort to complete the available pirate quests.

You may view a list of activities that you can complete in the game to gain some additional rewards by tapping on the Pirate Quests Icon, which is located just below the icon that represents the menu. Keep in mind that the majority of these objectives can be accomplished by just playing the game on a consistent basis.

Although there is an element of chance involved with each turn of the lucky wheel, you should still make an effort to keep track of the number of tasks on the Pirate Quest that you have successfully completed in relation to one another. In a certain sense, some of the actions listed below may even remind you of some other activities that you may be neglecting to undertake, such as repairing things on your island after it has been attacked or stealing from players who are not your mates.

8. Invite Some Friends to Participate and Earn Gifts

Because playing pirates all by yourself with all the cannons and plundering isn’t very exciting, be sure to join some friends to the game and send your codes to one another so that you can more fully enjoy Pirate Kings and get additional rewards. You will receive one of the best prizes available when you earn a shield from spinning while all of your other shields are already full because you will be able to give the shield to a friend or comrade. It is reasonable to assume that they will be sending you one further back in time.

9. Make Sure You Get Your Daily Bonus and Don’t Forget to Claim It!

The Daily Bonus is yet another additional set of freebies that you can obtain from Pirate Kings. This bonus gives you a chance at the slot machine, and it also gives you a treasure chest that you can open once for every five spins that you make at the slot machine.

If you still haven’t claimed this, you will see that it is highlighted on the list of items in the menu; nevertheless, if you don’t check the menu items very often, it is possible that you will forget about it. You should make it a habit to visit this page every day because it will, at the very least, significantly increase the number of gold coins you have, allowing you to complete improvements much more quickly.

That is everything that we have to provide for our Pirate Kings Beginner’s Guide. If you followed through all of the techniques and strategies that we described, you will probably be able to laugh off efforts at your islands, particularly if there is almost nothing there. On the other hand, the outcomes of your assaults and theft attempts will more than likely go in your favor, despite the fact that they might not be a complete success.

Again, attacking and pillaging the islands of complete strangers can be a lot of fun, but attacking and pillaging the islands of your friends or mates can be more than twice as much fun, so you should make an effort to play the game with your buddies whenever you can. Be sure to let us know in the comment area below if you come across something that you believe need to be incorporated into our beginner’s guide to Pirate Kings and if you locate it!

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