A year ago at this time, many people in the NBA believed that Zion Williamson would never again play basketball for the New Orleans Pelicans. However, with his improved fitness and skills, his MVP Odds could be on the rise this season. Williamson did not play a single game last season because he underwent foot surgery during the offseason and his rehabilitation did not go as planned. There were inquiries over his weight and his degree of motivation.

In retrospect, these conversations and inquiries appear absurd. He got a new contract, lost weight, and entered the season with something to prove. Williamson is the leading scorer for a Pelicans team with the best record in the Western Conference at the moment. As a result, Zion’s MVP odds have increased, causing bookies concern.

The odds of Zion being named MVP are on the rise

Despite the uncertainty, the Pelicans demonstrated their dedication to Williamson throughout the offseason by signing him to a five-year agreement. Clearly, the potential was there. He dominated at Duke, was selected first overall in the draft, and shown flashes throughout his first two seasons in the league.

Williamson was initially a 66-to-1 long shot to win NBA MVP Odds. Two weeks ago, Zion’s odds of winning the prize were 125-to-1; he wasn’t even on the radar. Changes have occurred.

Williamson has just been named the Western Conference Player of the Week. Seven consecutive games, he has scored at least 25 points, including four 30-plus point outings. Since November 30th, he has three double-doubles. This season, he has averaged 25 points, over 7 rebounds, and over 4 assists per game.

Moreover, Williamson is the league’s leading scorer for one of the best clubs. The fact that Brandon Ingram has not played in three weeks has not been a problem. Zion powered New Orleans’ recent seven-game winning streak by dominating contests. New Orleans has a season record of 18-9. This is tied for the best record in the Western Conference with Memphis and ranks third in the NBA behind only Boston and Milwaukee.

Given the team’s success and Zion’s recent play, it’s no wonder that his MVP odds are on the increase. Williamson currently has odds of 20-to-1 to win MVP. Only five players have better odds than Steph Curry: Jayson Tatum, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and Joel Embiid. Not a bad group to retain.

Zion is a well-liked wager

While NBA fans may be pleased to witness Zion develop into a potential MVP candidate before their eyes, bookies are likely less enthusiastic.

Williamson is the fourth most popular NBA MVP wager at OKBET, following Doncic, Devin Booker (30-to-1) and Ja Morant (30-to-1). When you consider that Williamson’s odds to win the tournament were as high as 125-to-1 not too long ago, oddsmakers face a significant liability. Around 10% of all MVP odds wagers are placed on Williamson to win the award. A significant number of these wagers were placed at severe odds.

OKBET is a top destination for NBA online betting, but their greatest liability in the MVP odds market is Williamson. Hence, if any player in the league were to win the prize, Zion would be the most expensive. Recent performances by Zion have likely created some unease in those circles.

NBA Odds – Conclusion

Zion Williamson has silenced all doubts about his ability to play basketball for the New Orleans Pelicans after undergoing foot surgery last year. He signed a new contract, lost weight, and has been dominating the court this season. Zion is now a top contender for the NBA MVP odds award, with odds increasing after his recent Western Conference Player of the Week award. Bookmakers are concerned as Williamson has become a popular wager and his recent performances have only increased the liability.

NBA Odds - Conclusion

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