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Company introduction

Sanlian Hope

Sanlian Hope, founded in 1999, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production technologies and equipment used for synthetic fibers and other raw materials. The company integrates new technologies into engineering solutions, equipment manufacturing, and the provision of technical services. Sanlian Hope provides professional turnkey engineering services and provides comprehensive technical solutions for high-quality nylon polymerization and spinning.

Company introduction


Synthetic fiber is everywhere. Even 80% of dietary fibers is synthesized. Cotton and wool products are also be used but are not used as much as synthetic products, because the production of these natural fibers is limited. When you consider the environmental impacts of natural fiber production, you find that synthetic fiber is a better choice.

When collecting data for industrial production, the metrics used and the frequency of collection are critical. In the past, collecting data every few minutes was an impressive accomplishment. Nowadays, the intense demand for synthetic fibers is such that data needs to be collected in just seconds, a major challenge for production enterprises. How can next-generation AI and other technologies create more opportunities for development in the textile industry. As a leading benchmark in the synthetic fiber industry, Sanlian Hope faces the challenges of digital transformation.


HUAWEI CLOUD has a full-stack, all-scenario AI solution that provides both hardware and software support for IoT and AI.HUAWEI CLOUD EI industrial intelligent twins makes production lines more flexible. With AI, the production of synthetic fibers can be better designed to address enterprise requirements. This solution leverages edge computing to improve fiber quality inspection efficiency, and uses AI to predict physical indicators such as the coloring of the spools. Digitizing the manufacturing processes makes KPIs transparent and visualizeable. It makes quality quantifiable. Model training that used to take months can now be done in just hours, and the matching rate for downstream requirements was increased by 28.5%. By replacing labor-intensive manual testing with AI powered automation, inspection efficiency was improved by 80%.


    With HUAWEI CLOUD EI technology, data can be collected on a second-by-second, or even millisecond-level, basis. Data collection is more real-time and accurate. Zhang Minzhe, director of Sanlian Hope and general manager of the Strategic Investment Dept, said, "Huawei can help us quickly achieve digital and intelligent transformation. In addition, Huawei has many excellent suppliers and system integrators, expanding our circle of friends. We have an opportunity to find technical partners and help the synthetic fiber industry meet the challenge of digital transformation. We have cooperated productively with the HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence (EI) team. "

    In the future, Huawei will continue to build an industrial Internet platform to serve various industrial enterprises by leveraging new-generation information technologies such as cloud, IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence.