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Huawei Cloud Workspace: 8 Straight Years of No. 1

Dec 04, 2023 GMT+08:00

Huawei Cloud has ranked No. 1 in China's virtual desktop market for 8 years in a row, according to IDC's China Semiannual Virtual Client Computing Software and Cloud Services Tracker, 2023H1.

The world-leading IT market research and consulting firm reports that the virtual client computing software market has now matured after years of development, with demand for cloud services increasing significantly. Innovations in technology for specific scenarios will further drive this market.


Evolving all-cloud foundation

Huawei ventured into the desktop business in 2009. Since then, its virtual desktop service FusionAccess and cloud native desktop service Workspace have facilitated office work in many scenarios. Workspace works on multiple platforms, such as Huawei Cloud, Huawei Cloud Stack, and virtual platforms. Thanks to Huawei Delivery Protocol (HDP), office users enjoy a consistent and premium experience.


Unparalleled experience

Offering powerful multimedia, Huawei Cloud Workspace gives users smooth 2K @ 60 FPS and reduces bitrate usage for smooth operations even in poor network conditions, halving the bandwidth usage for the same resolution.

As remote teamwork becomes routine, Workspace launches the collaborative desktop, where team members with different locations work concurrently on files in one click.


Secure cloud work

Workspace uses Huawei's years of expertise in cloud-pipe-device security to protect your digital assets. Workspace gives enterprises policies to cover peripherals, display, files, sessions, watermarks, and bandwidth for different object types. This diversity lets you control desktop groups, users, user groups, and terminal IP addresses for more flexible and refined permission management.

Huawei Cloud's security system consists of one core and seven defensive layers for operations and construction. Protection against attacks maintains 24/7 service availability.


Prosperous ecosystem

Office work is evolving out of physical spaces. This trend demands device collaboration and ecosystem integration. To seamlessly connect different platforms and devices, Huawei Cloud Workspace has built an open ecosystem for OSs such as Windows and Ubuntu. Workspace is also compatible with nearly 10,000 software products and 1000 peripherals such as handwriting tablets and high-speed scanners.

Huawei Cloud Workspace serves over 3.5 million users in more than 110 countries and regions, and continues to expand its innovation to industries such as finance, manufacturing, and carriers.

Looking ahead, Huawei Cloud dives into digital with Everything as a Service. Workspace unleashes the productivity of digital office work.