Why Huawei Cloud?

Huawei Cloud Cloud Search Service (CSS) and Auto Scaling (AS) provide MONOMAX with powerful search and elastic resource scaling, meeting requirements for PaaS and temporary resources for peak hours.

IDC migration accelerates livestreaming and VOD for a smoother video experience for end users.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides multi-dimensional detection and defense against hackers.

  1. 1. Most users are from across Southeast Asia. Cross-border and long-distance content delivery fails expectations.
  2. 2. Users watch videos on their browser, smart TV, smart box, or app. Smaller home network bandwidth and disparities in network environment result in slow or failed downloads.
  3. 3. MONOMAX has many users. Monthly top-up promotions or new video releases may cause burst in bandwidth and QPS, greatly challenging the resource redundancy of CDN vendors.
  4. 4. It is difficult to add and maintain servers in the on-premises IDC without dedicated services available. As a result, MONOMAX's requirements for PaaS cannot be met.


Huawei Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) customizes VOD acceleration for MONOMAX.

  • 1.    Personalized:
  • MONOMAX businesses are highly dependent on the carrier 3BB network. Huawei Cloud built CDN nodes on this network to better serve MONOMAX users.

  • 2.    Precise:
  • During the POC test, Huawei Cloud adjusted routes multiple times to determine the optimal origin pull route, reducing the pull time and maximizing the client access experience.

  • 3.    Professional:
  • Based on the customer requirements, Huawei Cloud optimized the cache settings at the backend, improving the hit ratio from 80% to 95% and reducing the origin pull bandwidth and customer costs.

  • 4.    Intelligent:
  • MONOMAX's peak hours are from 19:00 to 21:00 (Thailand time). Huawei Cloud CDN performs intelligent scheduling to ensure user experience even if the bandwidth increases sharply.

Customer Benefits


Targeted CDN acceleration enhances user experience and optimizes cache while reducing origin pull bandwidth and bandwidth wastage.

Huawei Cloud CDN intelligently schedules routes during peak hours to improve user experience.

Huawei Cloud CDN provides 24/7 after-sales support and smart inspection to promptly notify MONOMAX of any problem, so that MONOMAX can focus on business development instead.